Monday, May 24, 2010

Day two May 23 2010 of vacation getaway

We had a lovely second day on our getaway Here you see Minkey (me) and Zephir relaxing at Sullivan's Island (please excuse my spelling in this post---I am a monkey and never learned how to spell). In the distance you see a cruise ship in Charleston's harbor.
But I digress. The day started with a broken coffee maker! So nannykim, our servant, had to boil the water and pour it on top of the filter---worked grand, I must say!

The back yard of this rental property is grand for us monkeys. There are birds, owls, and fig trees......but bestessssss of all is what you see below
Above this garage and in the tree is a platform---monkeys love climbing you know!
Since the 23rd was a Sunday we all went to St. Andrews in Mount Pleasant. They have just left the Episcopal church and are now Anglican. It was a nice quiet early morning service .
After church we went ten minutes over to Sullivan's Island where Ft. Moultrie is right on the beach.

Of course Zephir and I, Minkey, the soft spoken one, had to get pics of our backpacking capablities.

There were lots of cannons for us monkeys to play on but this here ball was the best!
We discovered it was a Mine!! We are very explosive monkeys who live dangerously at times!

When Nannykim saw the above jetty, she said it reminded her of her beach days in Connecticut and the days of crabbing!
We got a nice view of Charleston from Sullivan's Island. You can see the curch steeples and a cruise ship to the right.
Got a nice view of the Charleston bridge too.
The above is a pic of Ft. Moultrie from the beach.

Thre were some fiddler crabs which all scurried away----there were hundreds, but we didn't get the pic......they were afraid of us monkeys!
Zephir and I just luv the warm sun, and old things that wash up on the beach. We are not sure what this thing we are on is!!!
Fort Sumter is behind us in this picture. This is where the civil war is opposite Fr. Moultrie and quite close really!! We thought we should start a fight.....but we were too happy.

There were some nice homes right on the beach.

Next we went to Mepkin Abby at Monck's Corner. Beautiful trees here
We took a little tour--below is the library there with over 50,000 books.
There is a cemetary where some of the monks are buried.

The steps in the grass in the distance are where the former owner used to mount her horse. She donated this land to the monks in the 40's after her daughter was killed in an accident.

We purchased a nice pottery mug and books at the gift guess what we did the rest of the evening!!

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