Tuesday, May 25, 2010

day 4 of may 2010 vacation in Old Mount Pleasant

Hi. Minkey here again! I am swinging on a zipline on our vacation rental property--ooooops my dark brown pantaloons are showing!!! Must tell Nannykim to be careful in future photos. The evergreen Oaks are so majestic!! We are in Mount Pleasant near shem creek.
There are many lovely homes by the creek and Charleston harbour in Mt. Pleasant.
You can see Charleston city in the background from these docks.
Many historic things in the older part of Mount Pleasant where we walked today!
We liked the confederate jasmine growing on the porch and the picket fence was nice too.
Lots of big old homes with cool windows and gardens.

Love the porch and doorway above.

This is the old Hibben House. It is now for sale and apparently someone from the Navy must have been moving out.
Another house for sale.

Love these old homes and the porches and gates.

We spotted a cousin in one of the shop windows!!
The old post house above--a bed and breakfast right near the water.

When we got back from our walk it was time for some backyard fun.
The zip line was awaiting us.
I live quite dangerously!!

We are married, by the way.

Hanging on a swing together

Near the end of a relaxing day. We are meeting friends for supper!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Cute as can be, Minky! I love your adventure!


Sheila :-)

Claudie said...

Oh Mrs. Magpie loves your monkeysocks doesn't she?
I'll take the pretty pink house. Julie and I were suppose to go to Charleston, we just ran out of time. Looks like we missed so much beauty. Savannah was charming also, but Charleston is on my list for next time.
No we are not still on the road. We have been back since April 5th. I just have so many things to show and it's taken me a while LOL
Not sure my hubby and dogs would have lasted more than the 3 weeks I was gone.
Stay tuned a little more to go, then hopefully back to normal.
Nice to see you and the gang again Kim.
Love Claudie