Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Introducing Cuddly Billy on Rednesday

Hi I am Billy. I am so soft--did you know that old monkeys get soft with age?? That is what is so special about adopting us old monkeys. Nannykim adopted me last week or maybe a week and a half ago......time flies when one is monkey-ing around!
Here I am waiting for the laudry to finish washing. I'm just sitting in the laudry room. Notice my ruby red lips and my balsom filled cardinal pillows from Mount Mitchell! When I sit here in the laundry room and I lean on these pillows the scent brings me back to the Mountains!

Well the whites are ready to hang! I know you have seen this RED laundry basket before, but have you seen it filled? With WHITES? This basket is sold in Walmart's 4th of July section. It would be great to haul stuff at the beach too--Nannykim is smiling about it!

I grant Nannykim mucho encouragement by hanging here. She likes hanging laundry before the sun hits the area--it makes her feel she has gotten ahead of the game.-- ALthough she likes the feel of the early morning sunshine too. It is soothing to hear the birds singing and the neighbors out trimming ......


The Whites are hanging nicely!
Well my friends, I hope you have enjoyed meeting me. I am so love---able and please let Nannykim know how wonderful you think I am. I am a happy little guy, that loves to play around!


Note:The brim of my hat does turn down to a normal baseball cap, but Nannykim was a bit lazy and didn't feel like taking another picture......save that for another day! I am just a cool dude! Other rednesday folk can be found Wednesday here: http://suelovescherries.blogspot.com/ I will post this at my nannykim blog too ;-)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day monkeying

We monkeys, loved the card that nannykim got for her hubby. It combined the best of both worlds, Monkeys and Spanish! Nannykim had no idea what the card said and her hubby had to translate it. (Days later we discovered a translation written on the back of the card....but it wasn't really very accurate according to hubby! (ps. Soon a new monkey that has joined our family will be posted about.....perhaps for rednesday? )

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Monkeys for world cup soccer 2010

Minkey, Zephir and Meeecy are so ready! The World Cup soccer has begun!!!!!


Introcucing our newest sock person: Notice, it isn't a monkey!! It is Meecy. She is an over 60 year old sock person!! Minkey and Zephir had to adopt her into the family (from Ebay) and there will be another new addition soon......but that will be another post.

Since she is trimmed in PINK --we are taking part in Beverly's PINK SATURDAY!


Nannykim has a new Pink skirt tooooo.

AND now we say ......LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tablescape Thursday

It is tablescape Thursday at Susan's. Hi Tablescapers! It is Minkey here! We monkeys love our food and this past week we had a great escape to Charleston , SC which is reeving up for the musical spoletto time. (not sure about the spelling!)
We stopped in at the above place for some lunch and I thought I would cheat and show you our tablescape which we monkeys created.
It started with the usual linen cloths, flowers, water glasses, salt and pepper, roll plates--get the picture?
Then Zephir (in the red hat) and I (Minkey, the adorable one) popped into action!

We ordered espresso....... DON'T YOU THINK THAT WE ARE are THE TABLESCAPE?
We had a romantic time. Pets really weren't allowed so we just poked out our servant's carrier bag. We actually saw a lady that looked like Miss Marple eating here, but it would have been rude to take her picture---she even had the hat!
For dessert we climbed trees......

and watched a pelican in the sunset!