Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Seattle trip -April 08

Well here we are--ready to celebrate our creater's birthday week. She was going to visit her son in Redmond (outside of Seattle) of course we had to tag along!! It was our first plane ride!!WOW! Here we are rejoined to our redmond buddy. He is using his Spring attire because he is used to the cold weather. But since we are from SC we are wearing our scarfs!!
This is the son I was talking about--he was creating a tasty dish.

Here is proof of the cool weather--Redmond greeted us with snow, sleet and rain--pretty awesome.

This was the cool view from the house we stayed in on our visit.

There were nice walks on Lake Washington (I think that was the name of the lake--very beautiful)

We even spotted a deer on our walk.

We took a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island for a nice lunch and view of a vineyard.

Here are our travel companions (alias creators)

We also did some climbing

This was taken on our way to Mt. Rainer (spelling?)

It was a great trip with many interesting things to do and see. Plus it was our first time to see snow, even though we came into the world in hmmmm, Nov. or Dec----?? 07!

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