Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ocracoke Island adventure

Here we are on the 2 hour Ferry Ride to Ocracoke Island! It was Father's Day so hubby got a call from his other son in Seattle.
Monkeys are hanging out on the Ferry ride.

We enjoyed the empty beaches.

The Sunsets.

The moonlit nights

The sunny accommodations.

The lingering morning coffee

The monkey business wine!! for our anniversary

The quiet days on the beach

The warmth of the beach!

THe Lighthouse!

Hey, how many monkeys?
Since this Island is where Blackbeard was beheaded--we celebrated by swords in our attire!

It was a wonderfully relaxing time for ALLLLLL!!!


Kristina said...

oh my gosh...this is the cutest blog ever!!!!!

Heather Iverson said...

I just discovered your sock monkey blog. Ha! You are hilarious!

The Davies said...

Ah ha ha! So that's what Dad was up to when I was on the phone with you.

Julia Dutta said...

I am here from Amrita's and I must say, I love the change and the lovely variety of stuff you have on your different blogs....and now to your recipe one!

Grammy said...

Thanks for stopping by and telling me about you sit. Will I get addicted to making them? This is my first try and I am already monkey happy. :-)