Friday, December 2, 2011

Minkey's new outfit (shocking) and awaiting a new additon

This is my new shocking pink outfit (says Minkey!). I have to give my apron back to Anabelle. She loaned me the apron (by force) for quite some time now. I have a hard time finding clothes to fit me. But...........
While at Walmart the other day I saw this outfit for dolls. I bought it and it fits for the most part--I can't close the back at the very top!! (I am not fat , mind you!). As you can see, I now have a purse.
I also have some shocking pink shoes! Well, I look lively now instead of sedate! Some day I will have to find another apron so I can switch to a meeker look. My friend Rhianwen says I look like a princess!! WOW!! I like that!!! I am waiting for the new arrival of a new monkey creation being made for Rhianwen's brother Corwin. I will let you see him when he comes into existence!

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