Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hanging out at Christmas

This was Rhianwen's new monkey at Christmas time! The others are hanging out, as you will see in the next pictures!
Note the wee little monkey in light tan to the left of the left most one!!

This was the Christmas gang from 2007!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Zephir and Minkey's first travels

Zephir and Minkey went on their first trip in December 2007. It was to Charleston, SC!

They stayed at the Holiday Inn in downtown Charleston. They loved the beds since they had temperpedic King sized mattresses!

Also comfy chairs for reading.

They visited the battery and enjoyed sitting on the cannons!

They felt like they were defending SC from the British!

They spent Friday night seeing the Festival of Lights at James Island. There were 1,000's of lights. Here are a few. This one is a lighting that pictures the Charleston bridge.

They were delighted to sit at this awesome light display!

A view of the entire display:

The huntley display--they took this for Skipper to see.

Sand sculpture!

A startled man (Bob) holding the monkeys in front of the marshmallow roasting pit!

Pictures with Santa!

Had to get Minkey in front of the merry-go-round with the monkey on it!

The true reason for the season:

Sitting in a lit tree in front of the lake!

Relaxing for dinner, later, at the Med-Deli now called the Med Bistro

Saturday we walked on the Charleston bridge!!

We took a break for the view!

Living dangerously!

The end of our walk:

A wonderful trip ---also got to see many beautiful homes!!!

See below---there are more posts---just a gap for some reason!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Newest Monkey--GI

This is the newest member of the Zefir family--I am calling him Gi (which stands for GI as in GI JOE)--his owner at Christmas may decide on another name, but I will always think of him in this way. Unfortunately he has on one thing made in China!! And that is his little scarf bandanna....everything else is from USA!
Notice his little backpack--it has an extra hat for summer wear in it ;-) .

His colors of army camouflage do not stand out a well as the red hats on the other guys--perhaps if time allows he will obtain other outfits!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

decendants of the magnificent elder

The first descendant of the magnificent elder is Zephir---Dec 2007---he is a confidant dude. He was named after a monkey in BABAR. Soon there appeared his true love, Minkey (have to check records on this name--it was the word used in the Pink Panther movie for monkey--we believe Uncle Skip will verify this).

Here is a close up of little sweet Minkey

Next on the scene was this little blue guy (he was sent to Beckie--we have not received his name yet). Well, Beckie just told me; the blue guy is Kimmie!

Next is his brother Maurice that went to live with Lyn--he is a darling. (a bit spunky)

Now this one will be going home on Christmas--as you can see she is a bit pregnant. (the following monkeys are unnamed until they go to their owners)

This is the daughter (the eldest one) of the above mother. She is going to a very loving lively child on Christmas day. As you can see, this monkey is a bit flamboyant.

This big guy is going to a big baby boy---he will be shipped out tomorrow. His owner is half Italian descent---so this monkey should experience quite a different life!

He is anticipating his shipping!

Monkey beginnings

The oldest ancestor of the Zephir family:
The original monkey that belonged to nannykim as a child is now approximately 42 years old; nannykim's brother now takes care of this precious one. He is the great ancestor! He may have been made by nanykim's mom, but we are not sure. He is stuffed with cut up nylon stockings. The brown, red , and white stockings of those day, apparently had bigger heels--thus the bigger fuller mouth--makes for a cuter monkey, I do believe.