Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hanging out at Christmas

This was Rhianwen's new monkey at Christmas time! The others are hanging out, as you will see in the next pictures!
Note the wee little monkey in light tan to the left of the left most one!!

This was the Christmas gang from 2007!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Your posts are hilarious and the monkeys are all just too cute!!!! Thank you for stopping by and letting me know about your blog. Aren't these little ones just the perfect anecdote for a smile! Have a great weekend!


Sharon said...


I found someone that you simply must go visit her blog and meet! She too has a love for sock monkeys and has a blog devoted to them. Today she is showing the cutest sock monkey you have ever seen, he is miniature and can sit on your fingertip! Her name is Mica, you can find her by looking at my side bar where I list my favorite blogs, click on The Child's Paper and click on her profile to see her other blog called Vintage Sock Monkeys.

Have a great day! Sharon

At Home in Scottsdale said...

What a delightful blog. I had a sock monkey when I was a kid. I guess everyone did. It brought back memories.

Mica Garbarino said...

Hi Kim,

I just LOVE your monkeys !!! Sharon told me you had a site with Monkeys too !!! and thanks for stopping in there. I have made lots of changes with a new look and music this weekend. I plan to be better this year about blogging the monkeys. always have my eye out for adopting the vintage ones and plan to make them too !!! I mad my first one during Christmas time. anyhoo. I adde you Monkey Link to my Monkey space. Talk to you soon monkey friend !!! XOXO


SweetAnnee said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those sweet lil monkeys
they are a gentle reminder of my youth!!

and YES
Child's Paper has a FUN
lil monkey addiction.
Her son even makes ones of clay

greeting to your monkey family!! give them hugs
for me

MammyT said...

Hi there. You sure like to monkey around. I like that in a person. :)