Tuesday, December 11, 2007

decendants of the magnificent elder

The first descendant of the magnificent elder is Zephir---Dec 2007---he is a confidant dude. He was named after a monkey in BABAR. Soon there appeared his true love, Minkey (have to check records on this name--it was the word used in the Pink Panther movie for monkey--we believe Uncle Skip will verify this).

Here is a close up of little sweet Minkey

Next on the scene was this little blue guy (he was sent to Beckie--we have not received his name yet). Well, Beckie just told me; the blue guy is Kimmie!

Next is his brother Maurice that went to live with Lyn--he is a darling. (a bit spunky)

Now this one will be going home on Christmas--as you can see she is a bit pregnant. (the following monkeys are unnamed until they go to their owners)

This is the daughter (the eldest one) of the above mother. She is going to a very loving lively child on Christmas day. As you can see, this monkey is a bit flamboyant.

This big guy is going to a big baby boy---he will be shipped out tomorrow. His owner is half Italian descent---so this monkey should experience quite a different life!

He is anticipating his shipping!

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