Friday, May 8, 2009

Springtime FUN

We got to be reunited with one of our favorite families--and Our favorite Grand Daughter! See how she loves us!
Our 2 friends (part of the Tinsley 3 monkey family) are getting their gizzards shaken out!

Zephir had time for coffee with one of the Tinsley 3's

Then it was picnic time at Duke Gardens--we loved this blanket!

Little Aldie thought no one was watching him get into the bananas and apples--but Zephir and Minkey where keeping their eyes on this little lively imp!

Here we are just having a relaxing moment--ya gotta love that Rhi girl in the pink hat!

The lake and flowers were beautiful--it was a photo op.

Rhi ate an apple with us.

All in all it was a splendish time!!

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Eowyn said...

Rhianwen says she misses Zephyr and Minky. She just got up from napping with one of ours!

ALSO, Alden LOVES those monkeys. He loves the loooong arms and tails. We hang them all over the place and let him pull them down. Lots of fun for him.